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Product Lines


General purpose horizontal winch for transpooling and installing SFL's, HFL's, EFL's.  Hydraulic or Electric, Weight capacity 14T, Tension capacity 7T at 2.5m MBR.  Modular design allows for increased torque rating with the addition of powered outriggers.  Disassembles to fit in a shipping container.  Compatible with a wide range of Carousels, Baskets and Cassettes.

Carousel, Basket, Cassette

For storing, transporting and installing SFL's, HFL's, EFL's.  Fully engineered high tension capacity up to 6T at 2.5m MBR.  Disassembles from 6.7m to 3.6m for shipping and stacks 2 high for storage.  Porches designed for cobra head and other end fittings.  Smaller, fully containerized and custom designed units available.


Holds 300' - 450' of 3" - 4" flexible pipe in single or multiple wraps.  Hydraulic, Electric, Sweet or Sour Service, Hazardous Ratings, Custom Treating Iron, Plug and Play controls

Mobile & Fixed Palletizer, & Lift Frame 

Designed for the coiling/decoiling of short to medium length flexibles of varying MBR's.  Fixed Palletizers are used to coil flexibles for palletizing after they have been tested at the manufacturer.  Mobile Palletizers work in conjunction with the H-Drive and Lift Frame to decoil and transpool crated flexibles in the field. 


Storage and deployment of EFL's, SFL's, and other flexibles, with or without cradles, up to 9.2m.  Custom design options to accommodate cobra heads and other features.


Largest configuration up to 350T capacity, reels up to 9.2m, 22T tension capacity at flange diameter, disassembles to a single flatbed non-permit load, 4 powered electric rollers.  Smaller configurations for 10T capacity, 4.2m diameter reels available.

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