Design Services

With 20 years of design-build experience, Gearn Offshore offers a full array of services under one roof.  

Electrical Design

Expertise with power distribution, control circuitry, HMI design, and PLC programming.

Hydraulic Design

Hydraulic designs up to 150 HP and high pressure treating iron designs.

Structural Design

Structural analysis available in pre-design and custom engineering for new equipment and redesigns.

Additional Services

Equipment Storage


60,000 sq. ft. available for outdoor storage under 24-hour surveillance.

Maintenance & Testing  Solutions

We can perform the regular maintenance, testing, and certifications required to keep your equipment ready to deploy.

Transpooling Solutions        

We can tackle your challenging transpooling operations safely in our shop under hook or in the field.

Safety First

Because we value our people, the environment and the quality of our products

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